Mandatory mask: the former figure of the yellow vests Gabin Formont condemned for rebellion

    Mandatory mask: the former figure of the yellow vests Gabin Formont condemned for rebellion

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    He eventually escapes prison. This Tuesday, the creator of the self-proclaimed “yellow vests” media Vécu, Gabin Formont, was sentenced to a fine of 600 euros suspended for rebellion – instead of the three months of detention required in the court of Brive (Corrèze) last December . Not for violence in a demonstration or even a deterioration of street furniture but… for refusing to wear his mask during a train journey.

    Very followed on Facebook at the height of the movement, the young man of 30 years was also prosecuted for insults towards the police officers and an agent of the SNCF. He will also have to do a citizenship course, just like his partner present at the time of the facts.

    On August 8, three police officers boarded the Paris-Toulouse train at Brive station, at the request of the SNCF, because a couple refused to wear the mask, which is compulsory in public transport. According to the SNCF, the agent had been treated as a “collaborator” and a tense dialogue ensued with the police, compared to the “Vichy police”, according to their lawyer.

    “Right to breathe”

    At the hearing, the court had examined videos showing the arrest of Gabin Formont, and the debates at the hearing had often deviated on issues of society, freedom of expression, the Global Security law.

    Gabin Formont, invoking a “right to breathe”, claimed to have been “the victim of an overzealous controller” and to have “just removed the mask because we were about to eat a salad”. His lawyer had pleaded the release, considering that the outrages and the rebellion were not constituted.

    He was acquitted of the facts of contempt, but sentenced to a suspended fine of 600 euros, and his companion a suspended fine of 300 euros. The couple will have to follow a citizenship course and compensate the victims up to 200 euros each.

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