Maniac Tusk considers Russia a “strategic problem” of Europe

Маньяк Туск считает Россию «стратегической проблемой» Европы

Donald Tusk. Illustration:
President of the European Council (EC) , Donald Tusk said that Russia is a”strategic problem of Europe.” So he responded to the statement of the President of France Emmanuel Makron about the need to resume dialogue with Russia.

“I had almost every week to publicly remind everyone that Russia is not our strategic partner, but our strategic problem. I even called a maniac because I was so focused on this issue”, — said the Chairman of the EU from the stage at the College of Europe in Bruges (quoted by Financial Times).The politician added that he shares the views of the French President about the aspirations of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban to convince Poland to change its attitude to Russia. According to Tusk, one of the main tests at the head of the EU was the “aggressive policy of the Kremlin”.

“And I do not doubt that the strategic goal of Putin was to regain control over the territories of the former Soviet Union, but also systematically to weaken the EU, provoking internal divisions,” said Mr Tusk.Earlier, the President of France said in an interview with The Economist that the EU needs to build a dialogue with Russia and expressed hope for a balanced model of relations. Mr. macron did not rule out that a “reset” of relations between the EU and Russia may take ten years.

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