Manifestation anti-tram in Québec: François Legault will not change idea

Manifestation anti-tramway à Québec: François Legault ne changera pas d’idée

Regardless of the number of protesters anti-tram, which will meet on the 29th of march next, it is out of the question, for the government Legault, of dropping the project, especially with the new version of the third link.

“No. Listen, a city the size of Quebec should have a streetcar. Then it’s the same thing in Gatineau, it is the same thing in Laval, it is the same thing in Longueuil,” said prime minister François Legault, on Wednesday morning, when a scrum of press at the national Assembly.

“People can protest if they wish,” said from the outset, the minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, when questioned about it.

Bonnardel denies the rumor

About the rumor advanced by the organiser of the event, suggesting that members of the caucus caquiste might change their tune if a sufficient number of people are mobilizing against the proposed tramway, “I don’t know these members,” said Mr. Bonnardel, visibly amused.

“For us, it is important to support this project, especially with the second track (the third link), which is a lot of space in public transportation”, stressed the minister of Transport.

His colleague and minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale substitute Jonatan Julien, abounded in the same sense.

“From the moment the third link puts a hand to be advantageous to use public transportation, […] I believe that it is expanding, by the same token, the tramway project. They are concurrent”, he stressed.

Communicate better

MESSRS. Bonnardel and Julien would agree, however, that the City of Québec has an additional effort to be done to communicate the project to the population.

“There is a communication work that needs to be done,” admitted Mr. Julian, saying you have discussed this recently with the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume.

“I think that [the tram] this is a good project, it is for that reason that we support it, but it must be communicated adequately, precisely, to have the membership of the population,” stressed the mp caquiste of Charlesbourg.

“Mr. [Remy] Normand (counsel responsible for the tram common), you’ve seen it, you have read it, themselves (to Quebec City) said : “we can do better,” said Mr. Bonnardel. Then I would expect that they would do better to sell (the network project structuring).”

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