Manipulation made to Angele Langlois: Arnaud De Sorgher whitened

The manipulation made by the Sherbrooke naturopath Arnaud De Sorgher did not cause the death of Angèle Langlois occurred in November 2014.

Following a public inquiry held in Sherbrooke in October 2016, Coroner Me Luc Malouin concludes that Angèle Langlois died of a natural origin following the rupture of a cerebral aneurysm.
“For me, the cervical manipulation that Ms. Langlois had and her death have no connection,” concludes coroner Malouin in his report released this week.
The coroner draws this conclusion “after having heard all the evidence, read the expertise produced and listened to all the experts”.
“Moreover, the uncontradicted evidence demonstrates that the maneuvers performed by Mr. De Sorgher were performed according to the rules of the art and, according to the medical literature, they emit very little energy,” analysis the coroner in his investigation report.

In August 2016, Arnaud De Sorgher pleaded guilty to the charges laid by the Collège des médecins du Québec.
He had admitted criminal charges of unlawful practice of medicine by having diagnosed, unlawfully exercising chiropractic by performing joint manipulations and performing vertebral and joint manipulations without having the certifications required in physiotherapy. A $ 15,000 fine was imposed on Arnaud de Sorgher for performing acts reserved for members of these professional orders.
No causal link No causal
link had been established between the death of Angèle Langlois and the manipulation by the naturopath.
“In this case and in the light of the evidence heard, I have no doubt about Mr. De Sorgher’s ability to practice an osteopathic maneuver in a manner that is in accordance with the rules of the art even if, in doing so, he acts illegally. Mr. De Sorgher chose not to attend the equivalent training courses of the Quebec professional orders in order for his diplomas to be recognized and, as such, he placed himself in a position of illegality when he made certain reserved actions on patients, “says coroner Malouin in the decision revealed by 107.7 FM.
During the public inquiry, Arnaud de Sorgher explained his long years of studies in physiotherapy and his experience in this field in Belgium, which have never been recognized in Quebec.
A first coroner’s report published in February 2015 found a causal link between the manipulation and the aneurysm rupture that led to Angèle Langlois’s death the next day.
The fall 2016 public inquiry allowed coroner Luc Malouin to conclude that the death was of natural origin.

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