Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: millions $ saved despite the closure of the casinos

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: des millions $ économisés malgré la fermeture des casinos

WINNIPEG – A dark cut in the workforce has allowed Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MLL) that can save millions $, while the casinos remain closed until the end of June because of a health crisis.

With the layoff of some 1,300 employees, the public company has reduced its salary expenses of 1.3 million per pay period, said Manny Atwal, president and chief executive officer of MLL, before the standing committee on Crown corporations, reported Friday, “Winnipeg Free Press”.

In addition to these layoffs, which represents about 40 % of the workforce of MLL, 136 casino employees have been redeployed in other services, such as home delivery.

Since the introduction of the benefit the canadian emergency, the employee savings plan of MLL has exceeded $ 6 million, has been provided.

Although the downsizing was important, Manny Atwal said that the MLL has made 15 to 20 % savings on operating costs since the beginning of the restrictions.

Other expenses have increased, despite the cessation of operations of the casino, including the costs of security and maintenance of facilities, purchase of personal protective equipment, etc

Mr Atwal said that the MLL hopes to resume operations of the casino by 21 June, the date of the resumption of certain services, as provided for in the plan of the provincial government.

MLL has been forced to close its casinos and video lottery terminals (VLTS) in the framework of the government’s response to the spread of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

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