Manuel Neuer: allowed Bayer to counterattack

Мануэль Нойер: позволили Байеру контратаковать

“We could definitely get the best result, – quotes the words of the guard gate to the club’s press service. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side. In the first half we made a few mistakes in the programs, allowing Bayer to counterattack. In the second half we played very well, we were better. Gradecki, of course, very well defended, but too often we’ve hit the woodwork – had to be goals that did not take place. We must continue to play the way we did in the previous matches and how we played in the second half”.

2019-20, The Championship Of Germany. 1st circle. The 13th round.

“Bavaria” – “Bayer” 1:2 (1:2)
Goals: Bailey, 10 (0 : 1); Mueller, 34 (1 : 1); Bailey, 36 (1 : 2)

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