Many fruits and berries are harmful to the body

Многие фрукты и ягоды вредны для организма

Experts found out that the fruits are not only saturate the body with vitamins, but can “undermine” his health.

Specialists held about 87,000 tests and found that pears cause problems with digestion because they contain a tough fiber that makes the gastric mucosa.

This is followed by the grapes. Due to the fact that the fruit contains a lot of sugar it causes fermentation in the stomach cavity. The experts also singled out the watermelon. If you eat berry immediately after consuming other foods, then begin an intensive gas generation.

Peaches and apricots should not have in the first place due to irritation of the stomach.

Scientists suggest there is not an overly sweet cherry. People who suffer from adhesive disease in the intestines, will feel a sharp heaviness. Thus, patients can only aggravate the state. It became known that oranges, lemons, grapefruits also harm the body. Experts do not recommend drinking on an empty stomach, juices from citrus fruits and not to eat the fruit because they affect the gastric mucosa.


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