Marc Tardif, a survivor of the COVID-19

Marc Tardif, survivant de la COVID-19

During his illustrious career with the Nordiques, Marc Tardif has stood up to the critics, has recovered from injury and has survived a few hits vicious. Not a rival on the rinks of the NHL has, however, also attacked slyly that the COVID-19 has done in the last few weeks. By good captain, he resisted the attack and confides about this episode, stormy, in the hope of raising awareness of the importance of acting promptly.

The news, reported first by Quebec Hebdo under the pen of brother John Carrier, enough to glaze the blue-blooded enthusiasts of Nordic. Tardif has defended the colours of the team for nine seasons between the WHA and the NHL. He had previously worn the colors of the Canadian, from 1969 to 1973.

Like many Québécois, and later chased the grey skies of winter by spending a few weeks in Florida, until he takes back the road of Quebec, at the request of the public authorities.

In return, life was sweet, without the slightest symptom. Thursday 26 march, he submitted to a test screening, just to be safe, saw that it was from the outside.

“I’m home, everything was going well. Then, during the end of the week, in my state of health has deteriorated at an excessively fast. I had chills, I spent most of my time lying down and I was eating more. Like many, I am told that it was a nasty flu and it was going to happen,” tells the Newspaper the former attacker, aged 70 years.

Saved by his wife

The following Monday, Late still insisted to stay at his place. His wife, Lisette Poulin, however, has decided that the time had come to contact the emergency services.

“I was very stubborn and it took me twisting the two arms. I’m gone too often to the hospital during my career and I’m trying not to relive it. Insisting, my wife probably saved.

“When I left the house, I was not afraid of dying, but I was afraid of sequelae that could make me leave the disease. In this state, you know when and how you go to the hospital, but you do not know how and when you’ll return,” he testified.

In the basement

Late finally does not have to be intubated, but it is all the same spent by the intensive care until Thursday, 2 April. It has then been able to return to his home, where he was forced to live for two weeks in isolation in the basement.

“Lisette was preparing me meals, that it left the top of the stairs. I have three children and seven grandchildren, so I got cookies!”, laughs the one who spent the time with video calls with relatives, or “some of the discussions through the window”, he says.

Important Message

All is well that ends well, the former captain of the fleurs-de-lis is now healed, after two tests are negative. Moved, he can only thank the staff of the health which has been supported with dedication.

“These people are extraordinary”, prop-t-it. I have enormous respect and gratitude for the people in the network. They arrived in my room, dressed as cosmonauts! They took care of everything. It takes a lot of courage and self-sacrifice.”

For the author of 1067 points in 963 games in the WHA and the NHL, the only regret is not having reacted with more alacrity in the face of the invisible enemy.

“We read newspapers, we watch tv and we think that it will not touch us. That it only happens to others. The more you tardes to act, when you feel the symptoms, the more it can become difficult to heal. This virus, this is not a small flu. I want to talk about it because it may help people to understand,” says Tardif.


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