Marcel Campion sentenced to three months in prison suspended for homophobic insults

    Marcel Campion sentenced to three months in prison suspended for homophobic insults

    The “fairground kingMarcel Campion was sentenced Friday, December 18 by the Bobigny Criminal Court to three months suspended prison sentence for defamation and public insults of a homophobic nature, uttered in 2018 against Bruno Julliard, then first deputy mayor of Paris. Pursued by Mr. Julliard – declared homosexual – and by the prosecution, Mr. Campion, 80, was also fined 3,000 euros and will have to pay damages to the former elected socialist as well as to three associations civil parties, SOS Homophobia, Mousse and Adheos.

    «This shows that we must be inflexible with the trivialization of such abject remarks which are a real poison in our society.Sabrina Goldman, Julliard’s lawyer, told AFP.

    «As he was a bit of the jacket, he met (the former mayor of Paris, Bertrand) Delanoë, they made their madness together and paf, he is first deputy“, Had dropped Mr. Campion during the launch meeting of his party”Paris liberated“, In Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) on January 27, 2018.”Me, I have nothing against homosexuals, usually, I say ‘queers’. (…) I have nothing against them, except that they are a little perverseHe added to the microphone.

    These statements were recorded and broadcast online by a freelance journalist. The controversy did not come until later, when they had been exhumed by the Sunday newspaper in September 2018, the month in which Mr. Julliard resigned from his post with Anne Hidalgo.

    At the hearing on October 15, the prosecution, whose requisitions were followed by the court, considered that the defendant had not “taken the measure of his remarks which, heard and relayed to certain minds, can lead to the rise of violence towards all those who are different.“The owner of the Ferris wheel and promoter of the Foire du Trône has always refuted the homophobic nature of his remarks, assuring that it was only a question of denouncing a”internal history»With the city of Paris after the decision-ax, at the end of 2017, not to renew the Christmas market of the Champs-Élysées, which had existed since 2008. His lawyer Jérémie Assous told AFP that he was appealing against this decision.

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