March 14 is the day when men have to cut branches in the garden, and women guarded the opponent

March 14 – holiday nun Eudocia, or Eudoxia.

14 березня - день, коли чоловіки мають обрізати гілля в саду, а жінки оберігаються суперниць

Associated this name with the patronage of the earthly nature and marks the awakening of the life force of the earth, reports Rus.Media.

In his younger years the young man had led a wicked life, but later converted to Christianity. Further, it was noted the strict observance of vows, for which the Lord gave him the gift of miracles.

In the national life “Evdokia” is not only the first day of spring, but also the first day of the new year, because the ancestors of the year began with March 1 (“Evdokia” old style). Therefore, until the XV century Eudocia celebrated the New year.

It was believed that the Holy Evdokia keeps the keys from the spring water, such is needed for future crops. This day wakes up from hibernation, the Groundhog emerges into the light, whistle three times, and then again falls on the second side and so sleeping right up to the Annunciation. And gopher, they say, turns on the other side.

Since that day, the children went from house to house and glorify the coming of spring, sang the recruiting freckles and carried a carved wooden swallows or baked “larks”.

This day entered in the house of melt water, washed their children and themselves washed. People believed how to get Evdokia milk, will face white and beautiful. And sprayed water on the walls to breathe.

A good host is required to cut dry branches of the trees in the garden. This procedure is performed not only to a better birth trees, but these trees evil is not settled.

To Eudoxia girls before sunrise implored his rivals this prayer: “To the road and not standing me greenow born servant of God (name) with a kind word remembered”.

Folk omens on March 14

If Evdokia Sunny and warm, so all spring the weather will be good

Gentle and warm breeze March 14 – summer, likely with a lot of rain and cold

Chickens kind of water to drink – a sign that the frost will, and the cold weather will last long enough

Sunny day heralds the harvest of grain, mushrooms and pumpkin crops

Warm day March 14 – summer will be hot, and you can expect a good harvest

Rainy day – lots of bread will

Thick fog on March 14 promises a rich harvest of legumes

Freeze – buckwheat bad bear

Blizzard began the entire year will be cold enough

Flooding in the meadows is a lot of grass, and cattle will be strong and healthy

Rivers overflow in April later will be grass

Crows cawed loudly – expected warming

If using branches collected from the forest, to plant March 14 fire in the house, then you can speed up the arrival of spring – so say the people

He whistled Groundhog – the warmth will come

In the sky March 14, the sun plays, expect a good harvest of mushrooms, cucumbers, herbs, grain

Arrived swallows – warm and clear.

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