March 15 – day of Fedot, Fedot-vtrans: traditions, rituals and superstitions

Why today you have to cross the wind that blows?

15 березня – день Федота, Федот-вітронос: традиції, обряди та прикмети

March 15, Orthodox Christians honor the Holy Martyr Theodotos, Bishop Kiryashova. In the folk calendar date called the day of Fedot, Fedot-vtrans, informs Rus.Media.

Who is the Holy Fedot?

He lived in III-IV centuries in Asia Minor, professed the Christian faith. During the reign of the Emperor Diocletian began the persecution of Christians.

However, Fedotov did not denied the faith, and was subjected to horrible torture put on a metal grid, under which they lit a fire. Then beaten with sticks, drove nails in his feet and forced to go.

A lot of people who saw the suffering of Fedot, surprised by his patience and believe in Christ.

After Christians were granted religious freedom, he was released, returned to Cirineu and two years served as a Bishop. In the year 326 quietly departed to another world.

The rituals and traditions of this day

March 15 in Russia traditionally sow the celery and onion. It is believed to be the most favorable day for planting, and will gather a good harvest.

Healers to Fedot conduct a special ceremony to protect from cancer. Doing it for the eggs from young hens and only this day.

Cross today the wind that blows, not to get sick

15 Mar certainly blowing very strong winds, and therefore the day was named Fedot-Chronos. But our ancestors believed that the wind in this ill-fated day, he brings colds and illness. So without much need March 15, tried on the street do not go out, afraid that you can get sick and then long to be treated.

But if I had to go to the disease is not catching, first it was necessary to cross the wind that blows and to read the prayer “our father”.

Were the Slavs another reason to be afraid of strong wind and weather. With this mighty elements black magicians were doing their terrible things called “evil wind”.

Wizards can run wind damage on a specific destination or on random. Sometimes it so covers the “dark force” that, without a specific victim, they are forced to release evil just to whom get.

15 березня – день Федота, Федот-вітронос: традиції, обряди та прикмети

Comes these black magicians on the street, be against the wind and say their terrible spells. The mighty element picks up words and bears, and who first on the way will breathe a spell the wind, and the damage takes over. It comes like a bullet from a gun – the wild pain starts in the abdomen and lower back, the man yells and rolls on the ground, suffering unbearable suffering.

To send the damage to a particular person, a black magician takes the dust of the road, reading a curse on him and waiting for a strong gust of wind, throwing in the direction of his victim.

From such magical attacks from people from rapidly deteriorating health, lost sight, start a strong stomach pain. Over time people dying.

No wonder old people about the wind said it was “unclean naughty.” To avoid such a terrible fate, each time leaving the house in windy weather, crossed the element and read the prayer. This is the strongest defense against the black magicians and their tricks.

If it so happens that the man hit by the “evil wind”, it is urgent to take water from three hole or three wells, and three times to pour over the poor guy from head to toe.

Folk omens on 15 March

What is the weather on 15 March, and this will be the summer: if today a strong North wind, frost and snow, the summer months are expected to be cold; rain foretells such rainy summer; a warm spring breeze, the harbinger of a wet and warm summer.

If Fedota with roofs still hang long icicles, so the summer heat will have long to wait.