March 16 – the day of eutropius: the traditions, rites and signs

What today to complain the water under the shower or in the tub?

16 березня – день Євтропія: традиції, обряди та прикмети

March 16, in Orthodoxy the day of memory of the Holy Martyr eutropius. In the folk calendar date is called day eutropius, informs Rus.Media.

Who is the Holy Stropi?

Stropi canonised in the rank of a Martyr, because he suffered for the faith of Christ and suffered inhumane suffering – his body poured hot tar, torn with iron hooks, and the wounds had made mustard, mixed with salt and vinegar. In the end, he was crucified, but in his short life had many people to convert to Christianity.

The rituals and traditions of this day

Yesterday evening, women need in a bowl of water to put the silver thing. And on the morning of 16 March to wash with this water, to have the whole year to be attractive and young.

Also today, the wife read the conspiracies on the “sewing” men, if they spend much time in the company of men with friends, drink, and money in a family does not bring.

16 березня – день Євтропія: традиції, обряди та прикмети

If you have overcome adversity and troubles, complain today water

When there are persistent problems, failures at work and in love, you don’t have to go to the mages, you can build a life without their intervention at home.

16 March – a good day to get rid of the negativity by using the water element. Complain today water, tell her about their failures and troubles, wash off all the muck. We will show you how to do it properly.

After a day of work each person feels fatigue. Furthermore, we are daily surrounded by negative people, in a deliberate malicious lie, intrigue, meanness, jealousy. It builds up on the skin some invisible dirty film.

Flush these unpleasant moments will help ordinary water from the tap, which will need a shower and the ability to control your thoughts

1. First, on the way home, imagine all that accumulated per day negative energy with you in the apartment is not declining but is on the street. Can visualize it in any form, the main draw in mind a picture of how you throw off all bad, and then cross the threshold of the house.

2. Now it is important to immediately undress and go to the bathroom without stopping for a long time with the household, because you can start to dump them on your daily negativity. He like the cold are transmitted by air. So have a shower first, and then communication with her husband, children, cat, dog.

3. Stand in the tub, turn on water and adjust to a comfortable pressure and temperature.

4. Now connect imagination and imagine what flowed from the tap not the usual clear liquid, and blue stream of living water as from fairy tales.

5. The tub fill is not necessary, the water should completely wash away the energetic dirt which have adhered during the day, and goes into the drain. Stand under the shower and mentally complain about the water – who hurt you failed to make etc. Special conspiracy need not tell me from the heart in your own words.

6. The perfect completion of this procedure will be a wash or dousing with Holy water. You need to dial in a bowl of clean cool water from the tap, and then drop a little bit of the Holy water.

7. As you will be comfortable using the ladle or from lifting the whole pelvis up, pour the consecrated water. Try to pour on the face, so that it flowed on from there throughout the body.

8. Now wait, relax, and mentally thank the water for what listened to your problems and helped to wash them.

9. Bahnt natural way, do not wipe with a towel. Go out to the family, smile and invite all to share in cooking dinner. Nice and cozy family evening you will be provided.

Folk omens on 16 March

If the day eutropius began to walk cats, so in the coming days will set the final spring.

If March 16 is fast snow melts and a lot of creeks running, the summer will be rainy and wet.