March 17 – the day Gerasim Rookery: traditions, rituals and customs

Today, out of the house to expel evil spirits.

17 березня – день Герасима Грачевника: традиції, обряди та звичаї

March 17 in the Orthodox world honor of Gerasimos the Jordanian. In the folk calendar the date received the name-day Gerasim Rookery, the expulsion of the beast, informs Rus.Media.

Who is Saint Gerasimos?

He lived in the fifth century in Asia Minor, in the world’s name was Gregory. Originally came from a wealthy family, but reaching adolescence, he left the worldly Affairs and the family inheritance, took monastic vows.

Gerasim was the founder and Abbot of the monastery on the banks of the Jordan river. A famous story about how he was cured of his wounds and tamed a wild lion. The animal then died in the tomb of the Saint, the lion was buried beside Gerasimus.

The rituals and traditions of this day

On national signs, March 17 arrive from warm rooks. People carefully watched their behavior when the birds have settled in their old nest, so in three weeks all the snow from the ground will do, and you can begin sowing season.

If birds in the nests sat, and then flew, then, until the winter has not surrendered, will still be cold, but not for long.

On the day of the screen there are a few restrictions:

Today is better to refrain from serious and major purchases, they will be unsuccessful.

Not recommended to appoint this day for elective surgery and trips to the dentist.

And on 17 March, do not wear new shoes, according to folk omens then the whole day goes wrong, the operation went wrong, in the love arena, nothing happens.

17 березня – день Герасима Грачевника: традиції, обряди та звичаї

Protect your house from monsters and guide today a special ceremony

Spring brings not only welcome is warm, but the renewal of nature. Therefore, with the onset of spring days, the Slavs began their homes to clean and carry out rituals for exorcism, which during the harsh and long winter had triumphed.

17 March – the only day in the year, when chased out of the house a fright. She is also queer, many small dirty tricks doing the dishes and flower pots breaks, and especially loves women’s needlework naughty (thread and yarn tangle).

To female, she’s okay, but men don’t like tries to get rid of it.

If a woman lives alone, for example, a widow, or ugly she is even helping me around the house, maybe rocking baby, dirty dishes to wash, to promote a good rise.

But where couples live, ugly men in every way tormented, thus destroying the strong family. So today and drive.

The rite of banishment freaks spend the early morning on March 17. It is necessary that at dawn the whole family went, and the house remained only for the older woman. She needs a broom carefully poorti all angles, and then the stove (fireplace), saying these words:

“You, the fright, the unexpected guest and unexpectedly. Rather our house go away and never come back. Otherwise you’ll burn your damned furnace. Down.”

The collected garbage should be put under the tree where the birds settled, then go back and sprinkle Holy water on all corners. When the family would enter the house, then everyone has to cross to dummy to clothing latched on again and the house was not hit.

Those who in private home live and have a henhouse, sheepfold, should these buildings be protected. Otherwise, the hobgoblin of the house will go, and with chickens or sheep will dwell, will start in some feathers to pull, the other wool.

For protection it is necessary to hang the amulet “chicken God” that is a stone with an inner hole. If you can’t find this, then you can hang the neck of a broken jar or bottle.

Folk omens on March 17

If the day Gerasim clear and Sunny weather – the summer will be a bountiful harvest of berries.

Rooks loudly and in unison shouted March 17, the swift rain.