Mariah Carey openly spoke about the long struggle with bipolar disorder

Мэрайя Кэри откровенно рассказала о многолетней борьбе с биполярным расстройством

Mariah Carey was one of those celebrities that a lot suffer from bipolar disorder, but his illness the singer is very long concealed from the public and decided to tell the truth in the April issue of People magazine.

Bipolar disorder was diagnosed Mariah back in 2010, it was then she had a nervous breakdown. “Until recently, I always denied the fact, and was afraid that it know. It was too hard to bear all this, but at some point I realized that I’m not. It was then that I sought professional help and underwent a course of therapy. I began to communicate only with positive people and doing things I love – writing lyrics and music,” – says the pop diva.

Mariah added that she regularly takes medication and everything in her life well. “I was angry, worked a lot, I had insomnia. But thanks to the drugs I no longer feel so tired. The most important thing is to find a balance,” says the singer.

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