Marian Stastny gets his golf in Lévis

Marian Stastny récupère son terrain de golf à Lévis

The former player of the Quebec Nordiques, Marian Stastny, becomes the owner of his golf course and his hotel in Lévis. The buyer withdrew his offer because the property is the subject of a dispute before the courts.

Contacted by The Newspaper, the businessman Daniel Proulx confirmed that it had put an end to this transaction of 5.75 million $ that had been signed in the spring of 2018. He had not realized, until now, no payment.

Mr. Proulx was refusing to pay the clan Stastny, claiming that the land was the subject of a court battle with the groupe Beaudet.

This last is said to have also signed a lease with the ex-player to manage the golf course with an option to purchase.

Initially, the new owner is expected to reimburse the purchase of the site of 200 acres in three installments, interest-free, until 2020. The first payment of one million was to be made on December 1, 2018.

Always of interest

Mr. Proulx ensures you always have the interest of the golf course.

In public documents, one can also read that Dr. Stastny and his wife, Eva Malinovska, following the settlement of the dispute, shall offer the possibility to buy the place before you negotiate with other groups.

“It’s not my interest to have this dispute. They know it since the beginning,” is the reply at the end of the wire, Mr. Proulx. “I’m going to see now how the matter will be resolved before the courts. Yes, I still have the interest,” he continued, not knowing, however, how long this situation might last.

Last summer, after an agreement, the business of Mr. Stastny, Promotions sportives Jerome, was responsible for the activities of the golf of Saint-Nicolas. It has operated on the site until the 1st of October.

– With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois