Mariana Mazza has been “traumatized” by Tiger King

Mariana Mazza a été «traumatisée» par Tiger King

In confinement with her dog, Bobby De Niro, Mariana Mazza said he had a big heart for helping the series, Tiger King, on Netflix.

“It reminds me that my life is not as far-fetched as I thought !” she said.

The comedian claims to have been traumatized by this documentary series ” who eats and who is going to give you want to want to the coronavirus that guy “.

A few days ago, we learned just as Joe Exotic, the star of Tiger King, had contracted the coronavirus in the prison where he is located…

“It is voyeurism at its best, the redneck by the square foot and above all, a form of entertainment that will remind you that your life, even if it is not obvious, it is still better than his life,” she said. I laughed, my mouth dropped, I was very much questioned, but most of all, I said to myself : how is it that these people exist ? “

Side movies, Mariana Mazza has recently reviewed the famous Madame Doubt-fire, with the late Robin Williams.

“It’s good for you quite often,” she said. I watch it at least once every two weeks… Yes, I have a problem ! “

Otherwise, it suggests the film The Hunt. “A comic thriller done really well. “And Wild Tales. “This is my blow of heart of the world film Festival of a few years ago. It was this film that made me want to write a movie. It is to this day in my top 10 of movies I’ve seen the most often in my life and I’m never bored. “

Hoshi and Joël Dicker

Musically, the comedian has just had a blow of heart for the new album, You just have to believe, of the French singer Hoshi. “It’s like the rapper Diam’s, but more melodic and accessible. […] She is a beauty that is atypical, she has a deep voice, she composed the melodies and wrote down his words. In short, it is sick ! “

Mariana has a great heart for the swiss author of crime fiction, Joel Dicker. “I just finished The book of Baltimore. It was amazing ! I am mourning the loss of the characters and especially about being so caught in a book. It is easy to read and most importantly, easy to hang. “

Because all of his projects for the coming weeks have been postponed, Mariana sees the confinement current as a ” true holiday “.

The comedian walks her dog, she has played the games of society, Very smart and Really very smart and she cooks more than ever. “I really take the time to do things,” she said.

The suggestions of Mariana Mazza

Tv series

  • Tiger King
  •  It is like that that I love you


  • Madame-Oriented
  • Wild Tales
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