Marie-Ève Côté: change of life!

Marie-Ève Côté: changement de vie!

Revealed to Star Académie in 2004, Marie-Ève Côté has exercised the profession of a singer for fifteen years before starting a big turn inspired by motherhood. Today, the mom of the little Abby has been working as director of business development for the company’s educational games to Improve. A change of life, which fills with happiness.

Marie-Eve, you have taken a break from music in recent years.

Exact. After the birth of my daughter, in may 2015, I have not touched my piano for three years! Through motherhood and my few courses at the university to get my degree, I would have been able to continue to sing, but I simply didn’t want to make music.

Is there a reason?

The music industry was killing me slowly! With the benefit of hindsight, I realize that this was not the music that I loved, but in all the uncertainty that comes with the job of a singer. This is why, after 15 years of career, I have drawn a line final on this period of my life.

The maternity was kind of the turning point of your life change!

Exactly! The arrival of my daughter has made me realize that I could do other than singing. And then, as a mom, I yearned for a more stable life, with a schedule that is more balanced. After my maternity leave, I worked for some time in administration. I loved it, but I didn’t feel still in my place. Life is, however, doing things well, because it is looking for a daycare for my daughter that I found my dream job.

What is it?

My cousin and her husband are the founders of educational games to Improve. At the same time the boxes of games, Improvement has an educational center for preschool age children. In registering my daughter, I learned that the company was looking for a project manager, and I have proposed my candidacy. This is how, in September 2018, Abby and I have made a back of mother and daughter, it to the educational center, me home Improvement.

Can we say that you are now in your place?

Totally. The most beautiful part of it all is that this job has made me reconnect with the music! The educational programme of Improvement includes a variety of nursery rhymes, and I lent my voice to several songs, in addition to teach toddlers the concepts of music through video clips. Little by little, I found the taste to sing, but for fun, not to pay my rent.

Your daughter has she inherited your artistic bent?

Abby has a pretty voice, she sings just and definitely has an ear for music. When she was listening to a song, she instinctively harmonies, which is rather surprising for a child of five years! She has inherited my artistic side, but she is also athletic, like his dad. Him and I are now separated, but we are to wonder in regards to the education of Abby.

Aware of the instability that comes with the artistic environment, how réagiras you if Abby wanted to become a singer one day?

I’m going to encourage him to follow his passion, but I will give him the same good piece of advice that my dad gave me once: “I’ll pay for all the singing lessons you want, go pat yourself on the back for all the competitions in which you participate, subject to the condition that you poursuives your studies.” And this is what I’ve done! Even once a singer, I have finished my studies in administration at the university. I followed my part-time course, it took me more time and commitment, but it allowed me to carry out today a profession that I love.

In closing, as you have reconnected with the music, can we hear you sing again?

I started to sing and play the piano, but I do it for me, with no pressure or expectations. Sometimes I go up on stage, like for a wedding recently. It was simply fun to brighten up the most beautiful day of the life of a married couple, sharing my happiness to sing.

What is Better?

Improve has been created by the couple formed by Catherine Dupuis and Éric Chagnon, parents of two children. The company offers boxes educational relating to various spheres of learning such as mathematics, French, sciences, music, history, etc., In the form of challenges, these games allow children to learn while having fun!

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