Marie-Lyne Joncas and automotive

Marie-Lyne Joncas et l’automobile

By his own admission, Marie-Lyne Joncas is not a ” daughter of char “. But his curiosity and his willingness to put in light the stories of passionate people have led her to accept to animate a show about the automotive world.

The comedian and presenter has turned the last episodes of the series The genius of the speed, including the broadcast begins Monday at Z.

The concept ? Eight geniuses of the auto mechanics participate in a competition orchestrated by Olivier Benloulou, a business man of Gatineau, who has the collection of luxury car the most important in North America, with a batch of one hundred cars, valued at $ 40 million. They will have to beat, on a track, one of his eight cars that are not modified.

“I love to animate, so I said yes immediately,” says Marie-Lyne Joncas at the other end of the wire. I am a girl who does not like routine, who likes challenges, passionate people, and be destabilized. “

If the production has chosen a leader neophyte, it was all voluntary, ” she said. “With a facilitator who is knowledgeable, who talks with the rest, it may be that the viewer does not understand all of them. It was to bring a vocabulary more accessible. “

Women at the wheel

In the first episode, it is the portrait of Christina, a girl who has had to make his place in a world of men and who has invested several tens of thousands of dollars in his Chevrolet Chevelle. It will have to measure up to the Pagani Olivier Benloulou, a rare car valued at $ 4 million. A true work of art.

“Marie-Lyne Joncas is no more a” daughter of char “, than it was at the beginning of the shoot. But if she withheld things from her experience is that she understands better the interest for luxury cars… and that she is aware of the purchase of an electric car, topic discussed in one of the episodes. “I had prejudices in relation to it, and then, I magazine a. “

The geniuses of the speed is broadcast every Monday at 21: 30, start to finish.

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