Marie-Lyne Joncas realizes his dream as an actress

Marie-Lyne Joncas réalise son rêve d’actrice

MONTREAL | probation Officer in “The blue hour”, a marketing specialist in “Home-Blue”, director, radio in the movie “Brain Freeze”: Marie-Lyne Joncas stands out more as an actress in all kinds of roles. And this is not a coincidence: it was the first dream of the artist, to embody all kinds of characters.

“When I’m called on a film set, this is where I feel the best among all the spheres of my profession, tells the story of Marie-Lyne Joncas in an interview. This is what makes me the most “tripper”. The days of shooting, learn the lyrics, I’m freaking out over this. I would like to have a long contract from a forty-day shoot on a project, work on a character… I want to play as much drama as comedy.”

Good star

It was first known as a comedian, but at the origin, what are the stages that Marie-Lyne Joncas dreamed of treading, well before those evenings of humour. She has made improvisation and college and studied theater in Saint-Hyacinthe, but uncertain of the outcomes offered by the industry, she has branched into the profession of officer artists. Then, it has invested in the national School of humour to hone his technical game, where she completed her studies with success in 2014.

“Finally, force is to admit that I am a comedian before being an actress, but I’m also an actress at the base because, when you’re doing humor on stage, it is of the game. Me, I refine a lot of this. In the spectacle of the Great Flood (the comedy duo that she forms with Eve-Side, editor’s NOTE), I think it is important that it is well made.”

Marie-Lyne Joncas embodies Janie Senay, a probation officer, in “The blue hour”, to VAT.

If you feel that you have to see more in movies and series for some time, it is because Marie-Lyne Joncas has openly made to his agent the desire to embody more of the characters in both the small and big screen. And his good fortune smiled on him : his character of Janie Senay, the probation officer Xavier (Rémi Goulet) in “The blue hour” would come back the next season, since we had asked Marie-Lyne to set aside time in his schedule to return to the board at the beginning of the summer. In the feature film “Brain Freeze”, Julien Knafo, she personnifiera the director of a radio program informing the public of a zombie invasion, with Simon Olivier Fecteau and Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, in particular.

“I want to move there, to do more than have three replicas in “Good Cop Bad Cop” or “Liar”, now that I’m more established and people know me as a comedian. I would like to defend roles, I develop projects, with a lot of people, left and right, and I would like to focus upon in the coming years.”

“I am accustomed to the chronicle, the radio, I am comfortable on stage, but the game, that is the biggest challenge for me. This is what I demand the most effort and gets me out of my comfort zone,” says the young woman, who is said to have Sylvie Moreau as an idol, but has not yet shared scenes with her in “The blue hour”.

Take your time

In the next few months, Marie-Lyne Joncas will also to the records of the Next “Stand Up”, a new concept of talent search humorous that she’ll be hosting. She is waiting to know if “The Clan MacLeod” to which she participates in CKOI, will be renewed next year.

The tour of the first show of the Big Flood, “Su’l big wine”, will also formally in June next (the tandem will conclude at the Olympia in Montreal on the 27th of the same month). Marie-Lyne and her sidekick Eve Side does not plan to immediately embark on the adventure of a second “two women show”.

“We need to live in business, whistling, Marie-Lyne. If you try that on a show of the Great Flood, it looks like the same cases as in the first. We need to have a life, a little, before you complain that it is singles and that we do not like children. We want to take a little time. We do not give the pressure to write a new “show” for 2021. It will not stop the Major Flooding, but there is no pressure.”

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