Marie-Sol St-Onge: reinvent his daily totally

Marie-Sol St-Onge: réinventer son quotidien totalement

After being attacked by the terrifying flesh-eating bacteria, the artist Marie-Sol St-Onge had to undergo a quadruple amputation in 2012. Highly resilient, it offers a testimony full of life, hope and optimism, in spite of the enormous challenges it faces every day, in his book, Get up without hands or feet.

The life of Marie-Sol St-Onge has completely changed a few years ago. March 8, 2012, she was admitted to the hospital emergency in Trois-Rivières. Diagnosis : a massive attack by the flesh-eating bacteria, which nearly cost him his life.

Against all odds, and at a time when his hopes were soaring, Marie-Sol has survived. She has lost four members, and each morning, she must install two arms and two legs, artificial to operate. She had to reinvent her life.

Determined, she made the mourning a lot of things but has chosen to keep the focus on his dreams and goals. His testimony makes you think and puts things in perspective.

In the present context, it has an important message to pass to people. “I am not a giver of lessons. But I think the containment. We, people with disabilities, we had to live this life change, especially for people like me, whose handicap is arrived in the course of life. It is losing all its freedom, from one day to the next day, and it seems like the containment, this is what it does to everyone. This test, everyone lives in the same time. ”

The sun is coming back

Over the trials, she has developed tools that now allows him to deal with the crisis. “In my family, this is not really a drama to be in containment. We know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there will be an end. If I can remember it, with my history, that at a given moment, the sun is back and shining again, so much the better ! ”

Marie-Sol St-Onge knows the meaning of the words “containment” and “accommodation” : in all the spheres of its existence have been affected by what happened to him. “At the hospital, I was completely dependent on everyone for everything. To occupy me, in one day, I looked at the walls, and I have read 20 000 times the same poster that was displayed in my hospital room. I say to myself that I was still equipped to cope with a situation of the kind, which is still a breach of normality. ”

Find his passion

Marie-Sol guard the moral and remembers to have been motivated by the idea of finding his family and regain independence. “My passion for painting, to the arts, it made me move forward. It was a motor and I talk a lot about in my lectures. It is not necessary to wait until there’s a pandemic like today to look for something that we are passionate about. ”

This fighter has the feeling that there is going to be good that will come out of it all, at the end of the account. “When one has gone through an ordeal, the superficiality and tripping over the flowers in the carpet, one does the housework in it. We review our priorities to focus on, which means that it is happy and that life is beautiful. ”


Get up without hands or feet
Marie-Sol St-Onge
Ed. de Mortagne
Approximately 300 pages

Get up without hands or feet
Marie-Sol St-Onge
Ed. de Mortagne
Approximately 300 pages

Adapt its goals is a premise that is not always easy to accept when we are thirty and that is the mom of two young boys. It is very frustrating to be deprived of their autonomy so that we just pass it on to their children. There is not so long ago, I was helping to dress and, today, they are the ones who go up the zipper of my coat. I am able to do it alone. But what’s the good of losing precious minutes to me mightily when small skilled hands available to lend me a hand ? “

♦ Marie-Sol St-Onge is a writer, speaker and artist (

♦ She lives in Trois-Rivières.

♦ It is followed by nearly 14,000 people on Facebook

♦ It has been the subject of a documentary for Channel Life in 2015.

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