Marie-Sophie Lacarrau in cold with France 2 since her hasty departure? She answers

    Marie-Sophie Lacarrau in cold with France 2 since her hasty departure? She answers

    On January 4, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau will take the reins of TF1 1:00 p.m., succeeding Jean-Pierre Pernaut. An unexpected decision that caught the direction of France 2 by surprise.

    After 32 years of good and loyal service at the head of the 13 Hours of TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut finally decided to give up his place. The presenter said his farewell to the air on December 18. After the Christmas holidays, it’s Marie-Sophie Lacarrau which will therefore take its place on January 4. This hasty announcement surprised the management of France 2 who said “stunned” by this unexpected departure.

    Moreover, she had to leave the antenna of France 2, last December 18, without being able to say goodbye to her loyal viewers. It was on social networks that she then said goodbye to them. “12:58 pm … credits … but today I will not find you. It has been a great honor and a great pleasure to keep you informed every day of the week for the past few years. I greet you very warmly dear loyal viewers . I also think very strongly of the 1pm team, of the journalists from the editorial staff of France 2 in Paris, in the regions and abroad. in the field. See you soon, ” she wrote on her Instagram account.

    “Time is up”

    But what relationship does the journalist now have with her former employer? In an interview with Tele-Star, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau confided in her relationship with the channel. “Things are smoothed out because time has passed. For my part, I am clearly looking towards January 4. Everything that happened before is digested. Only the present moment matters,” so declared the presenter. She also declares that she is eager to take up her duties at TF1, while being aware of the work that awaits her. “I can’t wait to return to this mid-day meeting, to inform viewers again. (…) We are here to patiently build this new image of 1:00 p.m. by addressing everyone,” she explained, while specifying that she wanted “keep the DNA of the newspaper”.

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