Marina Loshak: We first show from 150 works from the collection of Shchukin. EXCLUSIVE



Sergei Shchukin is the iconic collector of the XX century. His collection is one of the largest in the world. Shchukin collected masterpieces of the highest class. To make sure this will visitors of the exhibition, prepared by the Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin. Why this exhibition is really unique and what other projects preparing Museum, in interview to the program “Cult of personality” on TV channel “the WORLD” said Director of the Pushkin Museum.And.With.Pushkin Marina Loshak

First, from time to time they met. But in this volume for the very first time because our previous, first, an attempt to tell in this volume of Sergey Schukin, which was implemented in two museums and the Hermitage in 2016, in Paris at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, has collected 1 million 250 thousand people and broke all records – possible and impossible. This time we decided to show his version, telling of Sergey Schukin, to dissect his biography, a biography of his collection, because collecting was a major part of his life. But this is not the entire collection, which we show now. We brought together 150 of things. In fact, there are more than 250. Just some things can not travel, unfortunately, or are in the travel, because they’re highly in demand. This is due to the fact that Sergei Shchukin collected only the masterpieces – the best things are the main artists of the late XIX – early XX centuries are collected in this unique collector.

We talk about Sergei Shchukin. Our exhibition is called “Shchukin. The biography collection.” Within this biography, it is important to understand, where did this incredible collector – in our opinion, the most important in the XX century, and maybe even one of the most important. To do this, we try to explain the environment in which it grew, the spirit which was characteristic of his generation, the people who surrounded him. And of course, his family comes first. We now know how important genetics. It is no coincidence that the three brothers-the collector (although there was more – there was another brother), but Sergei Shchukin, determined a way in which he went. Each has contributed. This is a common part of the DNA of the family.

And three brothers of prominent people, all very different and each of them significant in their own way. Brother Dmitri is a quiet, very deep, diverse, an introvert who collected old masters of the Northern schools, a person with fine hearing, a profound scholar, living in an amazing orderly Museum the condition of the house, complete silence and contemplation of the treasures that he was able to gather. The collection of Dmitry Shchukin amazing end stuff, a very rare quality. These things are the basis of the Northern collections of our Museum. So to a great extent, Dmitry Schukin is yet another part of our responsibility, part of our thanks. We talk about this brother. Also talk about Peter Shchukin, who was a completely different person – very passionate nature, which had collected everything that seemed to him beautiful. His house, which he called the Museum and it really was a Museum that was full of different treasures and the Ancient East, and ancient art, icons, sewing, miniatures of Iran, handwritten scrolls of Japan. It was a global collector. He bequeathed and gave to the future historical Museum 200 thousand items of art. There was another brother, Ivan Westerner, who lived in Paris and gathered around him the colors of the Parisian Bohemia. It was he who introduced Sergei Shchukin with impressionism, he collected impressionist paintings. His life ended tragically – suicide. Also was a big collector, but a completely different fate. Thus, we dissect the history of Sergei Shchukin and his family, of how life is his own and things that were part of his life.

It is the totality. Because the family was not alone there were lots of people similar to the Shchukin family, prominent collectors. All believers, people are very rigid moral rules, are big philanthropists, as they say now – socially responsible people. Their money was kept hospital for the poor, established schools, done many things that were supposed to balance the opportunities for the company. It’s the intimate things that nobody said. These men created the future of the country, was the largest entrepreneurs and often rigid rules, but never deceiving. Collecting is part of a shared passion, a tribute to the spirit of the time. Morozov was also nearby. Morozov himself, thanks to which the art theatre has found your face. And you can name many more – and Ryabushinsky, and Soldatenkova, and Bakhrushins, and Botkins. Botkine the nearest relatives of the family Shchukin. This is all very wide range of people. And of course, Tretyakov. Most of them were textile magnates. It is a powerful nutrient medium Moscow collectibles. Were collected for a very bright personality, sharp thinking people, capable of independent decisions, very ambitious, passionate, willing to risk.


We specifically planned to have exhibitions that tell about prominent collectors. Bernard Arnault, who is the head of this huge Corporation, do very large collector. I think he and his collection will also be included in the history of art, and in many ways has already entered. And for the first time, we agreed that Bernard Arnault together with a collection of the Fondation Louis Vuitton will show its phenomenal collection. It really is awesome, huge. A collection of Bernard Arnault and the collection Fund is different. But here, the collection Fund reflects the individual vision of people who are part of his strategy, his mentality. Of course, it is primarily up to the Arno. The Fund is indeed a very large and important collection, there are a lot of things.

It was important for us to show the essence of what a concept or strategy of the Foundation’s collection. It seemed very important again to combine these two collectors, because for the first time global recognition Shchukin and familiarity with it was due to the Foundation Louis Vuitton. And we again joined them in Moscow. In our main building, we talk about Sergei Schukin. And in the building of the gallery, where we left our Impressionists in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, where the exhibition Morozov, we decided to show a collection that represents icons of the XX – beginning of XXI century. A very wide range of names that have become paradigmatic. Things that are in the collection of Louis Vuitton pervoklassnika. I think all our viewers will be interested to see them, ranging from icons of modernism – I mean excellent Giacometti and Klein. And through the excellent painting of Richter, Polke and many others. To the amazing videorabot Boltanski, conceptual works of Abramovich, Cattelan. This is a great list of the most important names. Our viewers, who will come to expect a lot of surprises.

We talk about the collector. This is the face of his collection. Along with Susan Paget is the artistic Director of the Foundation, a terrific professional reputation, former Director of the famous Museum of modern art of Paris, we selected the works and tried to show the things that define the face of the collection and the choice of the first man, which should reflect their tastes in this collection. Which has everything – painting, installations, and video works, and the different types of art.