Marina Uzelkov shared a photo with the youngest daughter

New photos of the famous coach posing with her daughter in tracksuits in the hall.

Марина Узєлкова поділилася фото з меншою донькою

If Vyacheslav Uzelkov openly suffer because of the divorce and the different positions shows his desire to return to his beloved, Marina Uzelkov on the contrary – after the news of divorce blossomed. She appears at social events, shares happy pictures with children and inspires fans to change with the help of posts in the personal microblog. Looking at this woman, think she is very happy!

Another proof of the fact that Marina did not lose heart was a new photo, where she poses with her daughter in tracksuits. Taut, with a radiant smile on her face, she not only delights the fans of the perfect physical form, but is a great example for his daughter, who, incidentally, is very similar to it!

Марина Узєлкова поділилася фото з меншою донькою