Marine Le Pen welcomes “exemplary attitude” of Portuguese immigrants to France

    Marine Le Pen welcomes “exemplary attitude” of Portuguese immigrants to France

    Marine Le Pen praised Friday in Lisbon “the exemplary attitude” and the “civility” of Portuguese immigrants in France, expressing their “recognition” and “affection” to them.

    “May it be permitted here, the Frenchwoman that I am, to tell you how much the Portuguese who came to France to work there, have done their country honor, by their exemplary attitude, by their civility, by work and a spirit. company, which has brought so much economically and humanly to France “, argued at a press conference the president of the National Rally, come to support in Lisbon the small populist candidate for the Portuguese presidential election, André Ventura, boss of Chega.

    “Our gratitude and affection”

    In 2011, the Portuguese community in France represented around 1.5 million people over three generations. It is one of the first immigrant communities in the country.

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    “I want to tell them our gratitude and our affection. Many moreover have chosen to become French, and we are happy to have been able to enrich our national community with such beautiful people,” said the far-right leader, candidate for the French presidential election of 2022, who at the same time strongly denounced the European Pact on Migration.

    The boss of Chega for his part promised to come to France to support the campaign of Marine Le Pen and “to work with the Portuguese communities to help that Marine Le Pen becomes the next president of France”.

    “Sentiment national”

    Marine Le Pen welcomed the fact that Chega, now represented in the Portuguese Parliament, “is joining this great movement in the world that we see from China to India or from Great Britain to Brazil”, which has ” saw national sentiment revive everywhere “.

    She did not quote this time the United States, where she recognized the defeat of Donald Trump and the victory of Joe Biden, towards whom she expressed “deep concern” because he takes the head of ‘a country “deeply divided politically”, while again condemning the “rampage” of Trump supporters on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

    André Ventura felt that Democrat Joe Biden “could be a danger to the world”, but condemned “all kinds of violence against institutions”.

    In favor of the extension of school holidays

    Marine Le Pen suggested Friday, to fight against Covid-19, to extend school holidays, to study possible treatments, including those based on vitamin D, and to speed up vaccination. “The possible extension of the holidays is not at all a foolish decision” to fight against the epidemic of Covid-19, suggested on BFMTV the president of the National Gathering from Portugal

    She cited “studies done on the first wave” showing that “closing schools, teleworking and banning large gatherings were the three most effective measures.”
    Marine Le Pen also expressed doubts about the effectiveness of curfews, saying that “the last time we put in place a curfew of this type, we realized that, in reality, circulation of the virus had been limited before “.

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