Mariupolchanka won the genius Olympiad in the USA with a project of recycling plastic grubs

Мариупольчанка победила на олимпиаде гениев в США с проектом утилизации пластика личинками

Sixteen-year-old Catherine Malkin from Mariupol found the larvae, which are able is plastic and won at the international genius Olympiad in the USA. About it reports “Week of Mariupol”.

According to Schoolgirls, hundreds of beetle larvae, is placed in a container under certain conditions, is capable of processing a plastic bag just a day, what in nature requires from 100 to 400 years.

In this project Catherine requires additional resources and involves waste disposal.

An installation that proposes to introduce Catherine, versatile and suitable for countries with different level of development of culture collection and waste disposal. Including for Ukraine.

It is noted that the head of the Department of ecology of the Donetsk regional administration Sergei Nitrous learned about the opening Mariupol Schoolgirls from journalists. According to him, he is ready to meet with Catherine and work introduction this installation.

His research schoolgirl finances independently. Currently, it remains unpatented invention. In order to legitimize his or her authorship, her need 1000 dollars.

Training and work on the project, the student will continue in Canada. The Ukrainian Diaspora for the victory in the competition was awarded her grant to study in College.

Earlier it was reported that in 2016 the ninth-grader at the time of the Mariupol technical Lyceum Ekaterina Malkina presented their project on 8-th International ecological Olympiad INESPO in 2016 in the Netherlands, where he received a silver medal.

Despite the that scientists a few years ago discovered the ability of insects to destroy the plastic, current research in this area is a growing interest in the world and open up broad prospects.

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