Mark Zuckerberg: We will strengthen protection of user data Facebook

Марк Цукерберг: Мы усилим защиту данных пользователей Facebook

The head and founder of the social network made a statement about the scandal involving the illegal collection of information.

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) on Wednesday issued a formal appeal to customers on behalf of the company, reports “Voice of America”.

“We are responsible for the security of your data, and if we cannot provide – we are not worthy to serve you,” – said in a statement posted on the Facebook page.

“The good news, – reads the statement – is the fact that the most important measures to prevent the recurrence of such we have taken a few years ago. But we also make mistakes and need to take further action, and we should increase efforts and do it.”

Last Friday, the company “Facebook” admitted that she was known even in 2015 that the British Explorer Alexander Kogan illegally provided one analytical firm information about users of the social network. Moreover, the data itself was collected legally, or through the application that contains quiz with questions about the personal qualities. The above analytical firm suspected that she, in violation of the law, on the basis of about 50 million users Facebook has created a profile for use in election campaigns in the United States, including the presidential campaign of Donald trump.

Facebook has been criticized for not put their users know about this incident in 2015. Just today, Zuckerberg for the first time spoken publicly on the subject.


The founder of Facebook also described new protective tools that this online platform will be used to protect personal information in the future.

Among them: identify the developers of applications that use personal information for other purposes; limiting information to be available to developers; and termination of developer’s access to this data, if the user has not worked with the app for three months or more.

It was also said that “Facebook” will make it more simple for users the ability to revoke the app permission to use informaing about them, reported that the system “off trust” will be placed at the beginning of the news feed (news feed).

During the first hour after emergence in the press release, Zuckerberg received 32 thousand “likes” and other positive comments. The number of teams share in the same period has exceeded 10 thousand

Quite differently reacted to the news the stock market over the last three days of trading, the total capitalization of Facebook fell by $ 45 billion.


The inquiry, which is related Facebook and its role in the presidential campaign of 2016, the firm Cambridge Analytica is only the most recent aspect of the public debate about how the social network should be regulated and monitored.

With two billion monthly users and earning billions of dollars in profit, Facebook has long become an important conduit of ideas, opinions and propaganda, which is largely directed to users based on their personal profiles.

It was already confirmed that some persons, having regard to the Russia, used Facebook to spread the propaganda, and misinformation.

However, in recent months the company, along with YouTube and Twitter, has changed its computer algorithms to reduce the impact of bots and other automated accounts. In addition, the management of Facebook has promised to hire another 10 thousand experts on cyber security.

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