Marriage in a leap year: omens, superstitions, the Church

In a leap year why it is considered a bad omen for registration of marriage.

Одруження у високосний рік: прикмети, забобони, думка церкви

2020 will be a leap year. Many young couples try to plan to legalize their relationship in advance or after of a leap year. But here it is in a leap year why it is considered a bad omen for registration of marriage. What is the reason for such a belief and whether it warranted?

Astrology and marriage in a leap year

From the point of view astrology each new four-year cycle symbolizes a new stage in the life of mankind, a leap year is considered the beginning. To any business it is necessary to responsibly and intelligently, therefore, planning a wedding this year requires serious consideration of the seriousness of their intentions. So those who are not convinced that, indeed, ready once and for all to tie the knot, you should not get married in a leap year, informs Rus.Media.

Popular belief the wedding in a leap year

Superstitious ancestors Slavs believed that after four years you should avoid any changes. In this regard, it is believed that it is impossible in a leap year not only to marry, but to divorce, to move to a new home, make new friends. It is believed that a marriage contracted this year will quickly decay, will be accompanied by cheating spouses. Some very superstitious people believe that those who marry in a leap year are doomed to widowhood.

The opinion of the clergy about the wedding in a leap year

Those who consider themselves Orthodox Christian, interested in the opinion of the clergy about the ban on marriage in a leap year. The Ministers of the Church are advised not to adhere to any preconceptions, including those regarding prohibitions on the wedding marriage ceremony. The ban on marriage in a leap year is nothing like superstition, so the priests are advised not to follow prejudice, and allow to marry in any given year. The only thing the Church says – it is regarding the ban on marriage in the advent period, a Great annual fasts.

Optimistic tips from the past

If you make an excursion into history and try to figure out what he thought our grandparents about the wedding in a leap year, it will be possible to see with a completely opposite point of view on this question. A leap year in Russia was considered the year of brides, it was in this year girls were allowed to send matchmakers to the suitors, and not Vice versa. An interesting custom was that men were forbidden to refuse the girl, except in exceptional cases. Some of the girls especially were looking forward to the onset of the leap year to get a coveted lover, who is in no hurry to make a proposal to the girl.