Marriage provides significant benefits to human health

Брак обеспечивает значительную пользу для здоровья человека

New research of scientists from the Karolinska Institute suggest that married people who have had a heart attack, are much more likely to successfully survive a repeat heart attack or stroke than single people. The obtained results once again show that marriage provides significant health benefits, as the most fundamental form of social support and preventing the development of many diseases, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

Experts have studied more than 29000 patients aged 40 to 76 years who have had a heart attack a year earlier. The volunteers were tracked for four years. It was found that unmarried, divorced and widowed patients had higher rates of recurrent cardiovascular events than people who had a spouse. So, single people are 18% more likely to suffer from recurrent heart attacks and strokes, and are also more likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Experts believe that people who have a loving partner, more likely to take care of yourself, keep yourself in shape and take the necessary medications. In addition, people with higher income and higher levels of education are also more likely to avoid repeat heart attacks and strokes.

“Currently, it is believed that all patients who have had a heart attack, have equally high risk of reinfarction, but our research shows that this is not so, says Dr. Joel Ohms. – The risk of secondary episodes varies from person to person, and not the last role in this is played by the presence of a partner.”

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