Mars One has become bankrupt: the colonization of Mars is cancelled

The founder confirmed that the project will not be able to operate without additional investment.

Mars One став банкрутом: колонізація Марса відміняється

Joint-stock company Mars One Ventures, which is engaged in the financing of the project Mars One sending colonists to Mars, declared bankrupt. The founder of the project told Engadget that the non-commercial part of the project Mars One Foundation is still working, but will not be able to operate without investment, informs Rus.Media.

The Mars One project was founded in 2012 and identified the goal of sending humans to Mars. The project had many differences from state plans for the development of this planet. For example, it meant that the colonists would go to Mars without opportunity to return back. On the Red planet at first was supposed to go expedition truck with necessary equipment as well as residential and service modules, and then the first people. In addition, the project was initially planned that the candidates and members of missions to Mars will become participants of a reality show, which will help to Fund the project. During its existence, the project has been repeatedly criticized by experts in the field of space activities for unrealistic. In particular, experts pointed to low the technical decisions, unrealistic deadlines and lack of necessary funding.

Legally, the Mars One project is represented by two organizations: a non-profit organization Mars One Foundation and a commercial company Mars One Ventures. In early February, a Reddit user found that on 15 January 2019 the civil court of the city of Basel has recognized the joint-stock company Mars One Ventures to go bankrupt. Journalists Engadget asked for a comment by the founder of the project of Bass Lansdorp (Bas Lansdorp). The head explained that at the moment Mars One Foundation is still working, but cannot make any action without new investment.

One of the semi-finalists for the Mars One project said that about a week ago, he received a regular newsletter, which comes regularly to the project participants. It had no information about the closure of the project, on the contrary, recipients are urged not to believe the rumors about bankruptcy. In addition, the Twitter project is still active and the last entry in it as published about a week ago, despite the fact that the company was declared bankrupt in mid-January.

Their programs for preparing manned missions to Mars and there are other organizations and States. The most immediate calls company SpaceX, which plans to send to Mars first BFR super-heavy launch in 2024, and by 2028 it intends to deploy on Mars fully habitable base.