Marseille (12th). The beautiful story of Christmas to illuminate the Church (…)

    Marseille (12th). The beautiful story of Christmas to illuminate the Church (…)

    Saint-Barnabé Church brought to light © LuronCommunication

    « It was while discussing with my friend Patrick Carillo, from the company Luron Communication, that we decided, by mutual agreement, to intervene to illuminate the Church of Saint Barnabas. », Explains Jean-Max Ferré, whose 15 members of his staff are on standby during these end-of-year celebrations. ” We obtained prior authorization from the parish priest, Father Christophe, who was delighted that this illumination was offered to all the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The Church is thus illuminated every day from 5:30 pm to midnight and from 5 am to 8 am during this holiday season. ” We see many elderly people and families coming to take pictures of the Church every day. “, Welcomes the restaurateur who would like to point out that this initiative is private:” We are alone on this operation with the company Luron Communication which provides lighting for businesses. At the same time, there are other merchants in the neighborhood who asked where they could get these beautiful lenses which thus illuminate the Church. On the facade of our brasserie, we were able to write that we wished “Happy Holidays” to everyone thanks to the installation of innovative overhead projectors that I find exceptional. »

    “This initiative allows us to show that we are still alive”

    « The last stop »Has been closed again since November. Jean-Max Ferré, its owner, very active in the life of the district, expresses his dismay. ” We are in the 3rd containment. We will only have worked 6 and a half months out of 12 in this year 2020. By offering the illumination of the Church, it has allowed us to show that we are still alive. I am from Saint-Barnabé and I find that Cairo Square is very sad without the presence of our Terminus. “He returns to the context:” We still have a hope of opening for January 20 but, as the figures announced for the epidemic have not been reached, I am very worried. And more by noting that this virus continues to adore only theaters, cinemas, concerts and restaurants… I also think that we will not open before March or April. On the other hand, what is certain is that this Covid is not crazy about public transport and supermarkets where people are on top of each other … You understand by that that I think we are walking on the head. We, restaurateurs, are terribly disappointed … “But, thanks to his initiative:” Let there be light, and there was light ».

    Bruno ANGELICA

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