Marseille marches for International Migrants Day

    Marseille marches for International Migrants Day

    “Give voice, don’t be afraid to show that you exist!” »Exhorts Nadine one of the organizers of the demonstration, member of the collective of applicants for papers. Gathered on the Place Jules-Guesde, more than a hundred men and women, supported by the CGT and Sud Solidaire marched in the streets of Marseille to end in the Old Port on this international day of migrants.

    The pandemic accelerates misery

    Annoyed that the demonstrations of May 30, June 20 but especially that of September 19 with its thousands of kilometers traveled across France were “completely ignored by the government”, they have put it back today to show that they are always there and that they will fight for their rights “at all costs”. “We demand the unconditional regularization and without exceptions of all undocumented migrants, the closure of the detention centers in which our comrades are held in appalling sanitary conditions, and decent housing for all”. In the context of a global pandemic and containment, the living conditions of migrants have become even more difficult than they were before.

    “You can imagine that these people are working illegally, and what happened when the crisis started? Well, they found themselves unemployed and their life sank even deeper into misery, ”she concludes.

    Today more than 350,000 undocumented migrants live in France according to Infomigrants.

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