Marseille: Of course the geek between the maths and geo in a college in the northern districts

Two students of the college Massenet learn the computer code. — Mathilde Ceilles / 20 Minutes

  • The college Massenet played host to Thursday, a workshop of initiation to the computer code organized by Orange.
  • Learning computer code is now in the school curriculum.
  • The goal of Orange is to encourage vocations, so that the skills are not widespread in France.

“Frankly, it is too good, it is better than being normal. “Nesrine, 12 years old, does not hide his enthusiasm. The girl, a pupil in the 5th at the collège Massenet, in the northern districts of Marseilles, immortalized on
Snapchat its success of the morning. She and her friend Shania came to programming a robot to follow a pre-determined path on the ground. “Before, I did not even know what it was this stuff ! “laughs Shania.

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The five classes of 5th of this college in the 14th arrondissement, in Rep + enjoyed Thursday workshops of initiation to the computer code. Their technology teacher, Anthony Mihière, was indeed present, but these are paid employees of Orange, who served as ” coach “. The company organises in fact, 53 workshops of initiation to the computer code and robotics for the 9-13 years throughout France, between the 11th and the 19th of October.

Finished welding in techno !

The eyes are riveted on the computer screen, Sahra aligns the combinations in his T-shirt ” Orange “. With the help of Nadine, his coach of the day, she designed a small video game with the computer code. “Frankly, when I play at home, I didn’t know he had to do all that ! “, marvels at the teenager.

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Since 2016, the computer code has made its entry into the school curricula. In college, these courses are provided in mathematics and/or technology. Finished the workshops welding, place to the learning of computer programming ! “In the programmes, we are moving more and more towards that, soon, the kids will be better than me,” laughs Anthony Mihière.

The promotion of vocations

“The two technology teachers were in favour of the project proposed by Orange, because it is in the learning of the 5th, and it is a way to learn it other than in the classroom, says Christophe Calippe, the principal of the institution, when asked about the presence of such a company in its establishment. This is primarily a pedagogical project. This allows them to work with professionals in the sector, combining theory and practice. “

The students in #marseille very attentive for the day #supercodeurs ! Coaches #orange are #robots #programming #digital

Orange — PACA (@OrangePACA) October 12, 2017

The regional delegate Marseille Provence Orange Fabien Finucci hopes, for its part, the promotion of vocations in what constitutes the jobs of tomorrow. “In the digital domain, the France has many difficulties to recruit. For example, last year, the country has not been able to recruit more than 1,200 engineers cybercrime on the 6,000 it needs “”I’d like to work in that field later,” says Nesrine. “We’re having fun, and after that sub ! “smiled Shania. See you in ten years…