Marseille: The former player of OM Souleymane Diawara returned to a correctional

Souleymane Diawara, during a match of the team of France of football. — SIPA

It is now in the staff of Marseille Consolat. But the former footballer of the OM Souleymane Diawara has not finished with his trouble with the law. According to the AFP, it has been referred to the magistrates ‘ court of Digne-les-Bains in a case of extortion around the purchase, in cash, a car to 50,000 euros.

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The former player is returned, along with his brother Adama Diawara and four alleged accomplices for ” aiding and abetting extortion and attempted extortion “, a case which had earned him to be detained at the Baumettes, from 9 April to 26 June 2015.

He gave instructions

According to the investigation by the investigating judge, march 19, 2015, five people including the brother of the player had returned to Manosque (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) the home of a seller of luxury cars with which Souleymane Diawara had a dispute for several years regarding a vehicle purchased 48.900 euros, in cash. In the presence of his wife and their two girls, they had demanded 50,000 euros. Adama Diawara had put the speaker phone on his cell phone is connected to the one of the player, who gave instructions at a distance.

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The five men were left at the wheel of a BMW vehicle took a ” pledge “, with the promise to return once paid 10.000 euros before April 10, 2015. Otherwise, he supported the victim, the threat was made to him, ” send the bad guys “. He said to have been “violently shaken” when he opened his door to intruders who were threatening to break to enter, that has challenged Adama Diawara.

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The investigating judge considers that it is the origin of the offence

According to the indictments, the meeting was held without violence, peacefully and had led to an agreement about the BMW.

The investigating judge considered that “Souleymane Diawara (was) at the origin of the commission of the offences. It is he who was in conflict with (the seller of the car) and it is him who wanted to get his money back. It is on his desire and his indications that the “descent” has been organized.” At the time of the facts, Souleymane Diawara played for OGC Nice.