Martin Freeman said that the show “Sherlock” it’s time to close

Мартин Фриман считает, что сериал «Шерлок» пора закрыть

Martin Freeman after filming the fourth season of “Sherlock” has managed to switch to the new projects, but journalists, of course, almost every interview I ask accident Freeman about detective series – and it is logical that the actor is rapidly bored. Not so long ago, Freeman confessed that the shooting of “Sherlock” has ceased to bring him pleasure, and in another interview and even said, in his view, the continuation of the series in General to take is not worth it.

Officially “Sherlock” is not closed, but simply “went on indefinite hiatus,” while the team that works on the show, do not allocate time for the fifth season. But Martin Freeman in an interview, Heart said that, to be able to remove this fifth season and is not worth it.

“I always thought that doing something you need only as long as all involved want to do it – in other words, until the group wants to stay together, you stay together. So I don’t know, I’m just one member of the group. But again to gather all of us together need a lot, it’s true. And I believe in brevity and economy. What’s good for the Beatles – good for me. Seven years to ponapisyvali together hits – and to say goodbye”.

Martin Freeman is not in vain compares the team of “Sherlock” with the Beatles – because the famous “fab four” really worked together for only 7 years, from 1963 to 1970, but perhaps it is due to the fact that the group did not “tighten” the joint work, it is considered a cult classic until now. And “Sherlock”, which started in 2010, is also counted 7 years on the air. Moreover, for 7 years the Beatles released 13 albums, and “Sherlock” for the same 7 years – 13 episodes.

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