Martin McGuire in embarrassment

Martin McGuire dans l’embarras

Martin McGuire was taken in delivering the substance of his thought, while he thought his microphone was closed on Friday afternoon, as he described the second match of the series between the Montreal canadiens and the Philadelphia Flyers, on the radio 98.5 FM.

Unsatisfied with the images of the match provided by the national hockey League (NHL), including air, McGuire is emptied the heart during a commercial break. Unfortunately for him, his microphone was still open.

“Have you seen the ostia of the director of game of soccer of deep shit with his ostia of aerial camera? I’ll go to see him fart the mouth of ostia. Câlisse thick Americans, criss.”

A few minutes later, the descriptor has profusely apologized on the air for its profanity. He stated that he did not want to trigger a diplomatic war with the United States, in spite of his comments to the cameraman that he believed to be an American.

Internet users have been many to respond on social networks and to relay the recording of the incident.

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