Marusya St. John’s Wort: “and us for what?”

Маруся Зверобой: «а нас-то за что?»

© Facebook, Oleksandr Krivocheev Supporters of Poroshenko fall into the burrs created by their idol sistemine calendar ends in 2019, but in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook talk about the fact that the country enters in the thirty-seventh, or thirty eighth year of the last century. All of the great online army porkopolis, Patriotic human rights activists, journalists and concerned citizens shouting about political repression in Ukraine. The reason for this was the incident with the volunteer Elena Sambul-white, better known under the romantic nickname Marusya St. John’s Wort, which worked with the banned in Russia “Right sector”, and then became famous as an active political supporter of Petro Poroshenko.Thursday, November 28, at the little white house was searched, a group of investigators under the protection of fighters of special forces “alpha” has visited the home of the volunteer and in the presence of witnesses seized her notebook, a phone and a weapon, without touching the the Mary. The reason for the search was the famous video footage of St. John’s Wort, along with his friend, the honorable from “European solidarity” Sofia Fedina, throwing threats to President Vladimir Zelensky, who met on the eve with troops on the demarcation line near the village of Golden.

Indignant timid attempts to move from the place of beginning of withdrawal of troops, two lionesses of the war party hinted to the President on the response, “shell-shocked” nationalists. “They will undermine you, I promise!” — said Marusya, and its more cautious companion Fedin vaguely hinted “traitor” by a random grenade explosions and unexpected mortar attacks. Which was considered by most viewers as a direct threat to the President.

The search at white concerned initiated on the fact of the matter. And though it did not even deprived of freedom, it was represented by nationalists as the beginning of the bloody policy of terror against enemies of the nation.”Yet you think the country is all right, we’re in turbo mode go to dictatorship and persecution of dissidents. Here it is, the sixth anniversary of the revolution of dignity!” angrily wrote political analyst Viktor Taran.

“The searches in the house of a woman who spoke sharply about Vladimir Zelensky, is by far the pinnacle of absurdity. None of his predecessors did not resort to such petty violence apparent, though each of them was no less petty,” said the journalist Tatiana Danilenko.

“Soon the three begin to walk on the apartments of opposition? We are rapidly building a police state. Fear, intimidation, arrests, confiscations, pressure, under the hooting of the crowd. Deviants searched and detained by reservists and soldiers. The end of an era of dignity!” complained another cut from “European solidarity”, a renowned advocate of democracy , Irina Gerashchenko.

Close to Poroshenko reporters quickly discovered in the actions of law enforcement many violations. “The judge who had to read the plot and check the presence of signs of corpus delicti in their actions, modestly he closed his eyes and allowed a search of St. John’s Wort. It is a violation of article 18 of the European Convention, which says that you cannot use the criminal process for purposes other than those stipulated by law”, — explained the Patriotic lawyer Valentina Telichenko. And the adviser of the Kiev mayor in the KSCA Volodymyr Bondarenko called the search at the Marusya St. John’s Wort “procedure down.”

“The distance that the regime of Yanukovych took place over the years, the regime Zelensky is in three months. Few people with common sense do not notice the inadequacy of power — talking about it, even opportunists trying to make a career in management confusion. So there will be searches, and the insane laws, and other errors that will be layered on one another — before the fateful” — summed up this tragicomic hysteria porohobot first article Vitaly Portnikov.

But the most striking thing about this story that everybody’s been talking about the same people, who for five years greeted all the repression and lawlessness against their political opponents, while ignoring all conceivable forms of law. It was enough for sweeping accusations of separatism, which is usually expressed all the same staff patriots, and intelligence agencies willingly broke the lives of innocent people, tossing them need material evidence and throwing in jail, where they endlessly sat through the decisions of partisan judges. The prosecutors usually do not consider it necessary to issue formal orders, and was invited to the role of witnesses of their own colleagues, making the searches in real criminal looting. And “opinion leaders” who mourn now confiscated the pad and phone Marousi, have called the move political prisoners these full-time agents of the Kremlin, voicing this unsubstantiated lie to the whole of Ukraine.

All palmitinovaja five-year plan was marked in Ukraine the construction of a militant system of legal nihilism, when the law was successfully replaced by the principle of political expediency, or the private interests of someone from the public Prosecutor’s ranks, wishing to reveal the “Russian conspiracy” for extraordinary premiums or career progress in the service.

This caused a real shock in international human rights activists who tried to stand up for Kirill Vyshinsky, Ruslan Cocabo or Dmitry vasylets’, but when they spoke about what is happening in the country, the persecution, the UN exposed the secret prisons, illegal detention and torture of people that they had experienced, all the same advanced the public to explain the harsh laws of war. Stating that a belligerent country supposedly can’t afford law and protection of human rights.Now everything has changed — the wolves suddenly turned into lambs and terrible “hunters” posing as a fragile Turgenev’s girls ‘ that fall under the millstones of Stalin’s terror. Of course, the terror continues exclusively against those same opponents of the Euromaidan. “Today, exactly a year and a half, as I under-clock house arrest after a year of prison” — he wrote on 28 November, the journalist Vasily Muravitsky, which was not released under the new government. And no wonder, because the charges against the Myravitski sucked from the finger, and therefore delay his case indefinitely, while far-right killers are in Ukraine, complete freedom and impunity.

They do not realize that built with their hands the system of the lawless one will work against them.Andrey Manchuk

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