Mary Trump: a niece embarrassing for the president

Mary Trump: une nièce embarrassante pour le président

I’ve lost count of the number of books published on the subject of Donald Trump for three years, but we can only assume that several publishers benefit from the manna.

It is now the turn of a member of the family Trump throw a stone into the pond. Mary Trump is the niece of the president, and his book Too Much and Never Enough will be released on the 11th of August. The timing is interesting, since we will then be at the height of the presidential campaign.

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We are promised already a harrowing story and salacious revealing some details of the life of Donald Trump. If I doubted that it could still amaze us to this chapter, it will be necessary to have an eye on information concerning the affairs of clan Trump.

Mary Trump would have been the anonymous source, on which is supported an article that has earned the New York Times a Pulitzer prize. We dived at the heart of a ploy by unscrupulous tax evasion. Still here, nothing to surprise, but, this time, the information emanated from within the clan.

The large family Trump is not particularly united, and Mary Trump has already said that the confirmation of the victory of his uncle, in 2016, was one of the worst evenings of his life. It must be said that the clan was deeply divided when sharing the legacy of Fred Trump, the father of the president. At the time of his death, in 1999, the patriarch would have left between 100 and 300 million dollars.

This family feud around the loot of Fred Trump became acrimonious when Donald Trump, thwarted by a lawsuit brought by Mary and her brother, their withdrew the financial support that allowed you to ensure that health care is expensive and the nephew of Mary. In 2016, Donald Trump has acknowledged the facts.

In addition to the details surrounding the negotiations questionable, the book would also be about Maryanne Trump Berry, sister of the president and a federal judge in retirement. Silent regarding the presidency of his brother for three years, she would go to the things damning on the man. Nothing nice to look forward to…

Donald Trump is not the first president to maintain a difficult relationship with a member or members of his family, but the nature of revelation, and the time chosen to publish the book are likely to maintain this image of a man deceitful, insensitive and focused on its own interests.

The action does not miss since Donald Trump has launched into politics. The pace of the controversies, real or alleged, is stunning and mind boggling. However, this rate is likely to accelerate.

The presidency over gore in american history, we are still, for better and for worse, there are many other twists and turns. What will happen to the image of the presidency and the country? Stay tuned!

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