Masha Sobko showed that face of his daughter

2017-10-13 10:38

Masha Sobko showed that face of his daughter
The singer boasted fresh photos in Instagram with my daughter.

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Masha Sobko had a photo session with her daughter near the mirror and table with makeup, reports Rus.Media. The singer and her baby has grown up to have a good time, dealing each other a makeover.

One of the pictures Mary is signed: “the Girls are such girls)) Favorite blush already broken(( When I was little my mom kept my makeup in the top drawer of the wardrobe – but I still somehow, managed to get some lipstick and smear all over the face and putting eight skirts at once and sing into the tube of hairspray!”.

Even Sobko added: “Oh , I feel my cosmetics go nuts))”.

Mary and her daughter bathed in the compliments, despite the fact that the lips girls daubed with bright lipstick is not so smoothly, as her star mom.

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