Mask making: the new mission of the military at cfb Valcartier

Fabrication de masques: la nouvelle mission des militaires de Valcartier

Cut, fold and sew… These are the new tasks performed by the military in the workshop of textile of the 5e service Battalion of the Valcartier base.

Since the beginning of the month, they make masks in large quantities for their colleagues deployed on the ground.

These masks are carried by cooks, mechanics, and logisticians, but also by the military who will be returning to work in the next few weeks.

“Initially, the masks, the products were sent to the Operation of the LASER, in Montreal, and also for people who need to return to work to perform tasks that they can not adhere to two meters of distance,” says major Jeremiah Drouin.

They are more than 34 military to work 40 hours per week in the workshop.

“It is rewarding, admits the corporal-chef Pascal Package. With the whole team, it is organized so that it lifts your spirits at the same time.”

The choice of colors fabric leaves little to the imagination. These are limited to black, navy blue and camouflage to blend with the uniform of the canadian armed Forces.

The masks are sent in a pack of 50 for teams who need it. Up to now, it is more than 10,000 masks have been manufactured by the battalion.

The production will continue in the coming weeks.


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