Mask of blackheads: how to clean facial pores

How to get rid of blackheads on the face.

Маски від чорних цяток: як очистити пори обличчя

Blackheads are a problem that can overtake you at any age. Get rid of once and for all?

Black spots or comedones is a form of acne, which occurs when sebum. Causes very much. Among them poor diet, bad habits, emotional state, environment, hormonal changes, medication or cosmetics that do not suit your skin, informs Rus.Media.

Did you know that stress and depression can provoke the appearance of black dots? More positive emotions, because it is the key to your beauty!

Care for problem skin

So, a few tips to care for problem skin. Thoroughly rinse the makeup in three stages. Wipe the skin tonic without alcohol. Pay attention to a component of aloe extract (a great alternative). Buy decorative light that will not clog the pores. If you have oily skin, this does not mean that she is not in need of hydration, because water imbalance provokes not only peeling, but also inflammation. Make a mask once a week Josh!

The scrub

The mask is one of the most effective procedures for the care of problematic skin. Before applying, you can use gentle, soft scrub (especially problem areas). If the skin is inflammation, this stage will have to miss. After scrubbing tools – use special patches or stickers that remove blackheads.

The scrub you can buy or prepare yourself. You need two spoons of coffee grounds and a few drops of lemon juice. Dilute with water and apply to 5-7 minutes. A versatile product you can use on the whole body.

Mask from black dots

Make a mask from black dots in the home. Take the clay as the basis, fit white or blue and mix with warm water. The consistency should resemble cream. Apply for 10 minutes and rinse. For greater impact, add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil of tea tree. Another will find mask of gelatin and activated carbon. If you don’t like homemade recipes, you can purchase a ready-made product.

Especially effective are masks with aloe. Aloe extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The mask does not contain parabens, alcohol and other undesirable components. Reduces inflammation and actively influence comedones (due to the concentration of active substances in the composition).

The gel cleanses the pores and protects the skin. Consistency means literally “melts” upon contact and has a warming effect. Removes blackheads and prevents new ones.

To get rid of the problem will help the comprehensive approach. Contact your dermatologist, who will pick up the necessary care and diet!