Masks for all tastes

Des masques pour tous les goûts

A multitude of quebec companies have decided to create masks on a small scale, and The Newspaper has identified some of them who have creations that are strong and original. People who have a style a bit more marginal than they will find there their account. Those who like to match their clothing will be able, also, to find the perfect mask. Lovers of cinema to the lovers of animals, the creators have not lacked imagination to make the wearing of the mask a little more fun.

2nd Skin

The Quebec-based company specializing in clothing and promotional items quickly embedded in the wave of creation of masks the original, including offering cover faces with slogans humorous. It is also possible to create his custom mask, especially for companies or artists who wish to reproduce a logo or one of their works on their mask.



Proud-Pet, which is specialized in accessories for animals, has created an original variety of masks that go along with the scarves for dogs and cats. Animal lovers will thus be able to wear a cover-face to the same color as the scarf of their faithful companion.



MASQC offers a wide range of masks very colorful with original fabric. We found in particular with fruits, exotic animals or flowers. The Quebec-based company supports victims of domestic violence by giving 1 $ to the Grouping of the houses for women victims of domestic violence for each mask sold.


The Unyk Creation

The Unyk Creation has created masks for the lovers of hunting and fishing, with a cover face featuring the famous print, “camouflage” and the traditional carreauté red and black. It also offers
masks are more traditional and masks that match with a hat
or a headband.


I love Local

The platform I love the Local, which offers a wide variety of local products, has also embarked in the sale of masks. In addition to the original designs, some of the masks sold on the platform stand out, because they
are reversible.


Creation of masks, Quebec

Page Facebook Creating masks Québec offers an inventory very colorful covers-faces. The prints available are very original, as evidenced by the photos published. There is the possibility to design its covers-face to a headband for the hair. The mask attaches to the headband.

  • On Facebook : Creation of masks, Quebec

The company manufactures masks that will especially appeal to movie buffs and those who like accessories that stand out. It offers particular of the masks that are a nod to Star Wars and the series La Casa de Papel.


The masks for the deaf Kim Ta

These masks were first created for a professor of speech-language pathology. The designer decided to make them in greater quantity, to respond to a type of customer targeted, such as the hearing impaired and the stakeholders who need to intervene with them. To
get one of these masks, it is visit the page Facebook.

  • Masks for the deaf and Masks 3 Folds
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