Masks for all!

Des masques pour tous!

When the pandemic is threatening here also, it was quickly guessed that, if Quebeckers were not asked to wear a face mask, it was because he was not there for all the world.

The authorities have had the same reflex everywhere: to protect the stocks for the benefit of the nursing staff.

Reserves? Not really, rather the echo of the warehouse…

The appointment of 13 h, MESSRS. Legault and Arruda have first evaded questions on the subject, remember. They kept saying that we should wash hands. Distance themselves from. Stay home, etc

Of course he had to repeat it, and no doubt the government Legault was it to see the state of the stocks…

Like other governments in the world, Quebec was under the sword of Damocles… Some knew it, others had expected.

In France, I was assigned a doctor generally well informed, it ordered the destruction of a billion masks. Come on, hop !, to the incinerator!

I cite, with confidence : “They have not found anything better than to burn them all! Because they came as a date is saying! Well, it is certain that, as with all things, there is a deadline, except that they all say that, even after this date, they are good at 97 %! It is still very acceptable! Super-fucking morons I tell you!”

The famous date of expiration, is used to justify, here, too, the absence of reserves with the department of public Safety. But there’s another thing.

It has been known for years that Quebec is in a perilous situation facing the United States.

After the SARS outbreak in 2003, authorities in canada and québec have done a review and concluded that it was necessary to get rid of the dependence on u.s. manufacturers of face masks health.

“Masks used in Quebec are all manufactured in the United States, which could compromise the supply to québec suppliers during a pandemic”, stated a report from the national Institute of public health, made public in 2007, and placed in the shelf forgotten with thousands of others.

The institute is recommended to establish a “plan in the event of a pandemic flu,” and asked the ministry of Development, economy, Innovation and Export trade to encourage québec companies to launch a “production of masks, in order to ensure an adequate supply during the pandemic”. This is what we want to do right now…

As for what the officials feared, Trump has been ordered in these days: the USA keep their masks!, forcing Justin Trudeau to other genuflections and pushing Canada to turn back to China, expert ès pandemic!

He is lucky, the Allocuteur to Lectern, in exchange of masks, the Chinese do not require the immediate release of Meng Manzhou, the Mata Hari of the phone…

The government Legault has found suppliers and placed orders in disaster, leaving to be paid in cash; Quebec had only a few days of battery life for the hospital staff.

As for the general public, he was not even told to wear to go to the grocery store or elsewhere. He does it all alone, must be observed…

In 2007, it was suggested to evaluate with the private sector what would be “the terms and conditions to ensure that the population will have access to masks on sale free during the pandemic“. There has clearly not been following this recommendation.

Other health authorities have made of the epidemiological reports after the SARS and H1N1 flu.

The INSP had provided that in the event of a rupture of stocks, it would be necessary to opt for the system D.

If accessibility to surgical masks or procedure was inadequate or compromised, it would be necessary to consider the use of paper mask or tissues to symptomatic people, and iinform the public on ways to make masks in fabric, stated the report.

The wearing of the mask was clearly recommended to the nursing staff and those working with the public or in the public transport. But it was also believed that the general population could also be right.

It is advised to explain their use so as to avoid manipulation at fault.

On tv, Quebecers can see we’re in the door anywhere in the world. Doctors say that it is recommended and if, in France, for example, it has not been suggested, it is because you have enough. Others say that this is not necessary.

But, in a spontaneous applications of the precautionary principle, the population is growing more and more to wear. We see it almost everywhere, and sometimes of the most original…

It will no doubt soon a new video of the public health.

Dr. Arruda could show us how to put on or take off a facial mask, it is home made or not…

Does not he know how much we are now docile and clinging to his lips from 13 h…

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