Masks in the bus: not the role drivers play to the police officers, according to Rémy Normand

Masques dans les autobus: pas le rôle des chauffeurs de jouer aux policiers, selon Rémy Normand

Rémy Normand, president of the réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), considers that this is not the role bus drivers play in the police to require the wearing of masks in public transport from July 13.

“We’ll let the review do, but I rather tend to agree with the bus drivers, who tell you that it does not belong to them, in their tasks, to make this work-there [to police],” said Rémy Normand, on Thursday morning, on the sidelines of a press conference.

So, should we then expect the hiring of additional employees to the PSTN to accomplish this task? “It’s part of the options. It has not yet detailed. If it requires additional resources, what will be the nature of these resources? What kind of individual we can empower with our regulations? Currently, our rules won’t let us. The decree health does not allow it. And there is no fine. You applied it how?” asked Mr. Norman.

In its edition of Thursday, The Newspaper reported that the mask was largely shunned by customers of the PSTN. Called upon to respond, Mr. Normand said, “hope” that people would have to comply rapidly with the regulation.

“The sanitary rules must be complied with. There are places where it is necessary to wear a mask, and a bus is one of those places,” he said.

At the same time, agents of the RTC distributed the masks to the few users that were, Thursday morning, at the terminus of The Fauna, at Charlesbourg. The RTC proceeded with the official inauguration of the 225 boxes at the park and ride (Park-O-Bus) of The Fauna.

The total investment, which includes land acquisition, is $ 6.3 million. Upon completion, the Park-and-ride could accommodate the double parking incentives.

“Cleaning the landscape”

In another register, Mr. Norman has downplayed the scope of the questions raised by the prime minister, François Legault, in press, about the new version of the network structuring of public transport.

“I understand that the government may have a number of questions. We are in the process where we explained our project, he reiterated. As long as it will stay [of issues], it will be a little flutter here and there. We want to clean up the landscape as quickly as possible to begin working as quickly as possible.”

That said, Mr. Norman did not seem too worried about the outcome of these discussions. “We already have the approvals. Everyone is committed to the tune of $ 3 billion, he insisted. The permissions, on the principle, it has all of them. We are in the process where we must move forward with the project. It is legitimate that there are people who ask questions and it is our duty and our responsibility to respond.”

A meeting between the mayor Labeaume and “governmental authorities” Quebec should take place this week, revealed Mr Norman.

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