Masks mandatory in public transport

Masque obligatoire dans les transports en commun

Wearing a mask in public transit is compulsory as of this morning, and this, throughout Quebec.

A grace period of two weeks, until 27 July, they will still be observed, but access to buses, trains and subways will be then prohibited to those who refuse to wear a cover face. Ferries, taxis and services of car sharing are also covered.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM), the emphasis will be placed primarily on the awareness. The employees of the subway and buses have also started to install visual reminders and sound on this new measure of the provincial government.

The measure applies to all users aged 12 years and older and is recommended for children 2 to 12 years of age.

235 000-cover face have already been distributed since the month of may in Montreal and is expected to give a million and a half more before the return to school.

Boarding at the front

As early as 20 July, Quebecers will be able to board at the front of the bus because of the plexiglass will be installed in all vehicles which had not in order to protect the driver. This also implies to pay in good and due form his ticket, which had been somewhat left aside at the height of the pandemic.

Pay in cash in vending machines of the securities, will be also soon be allowed.

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