Masks reusable cloth made here

Des masques en tissu réutilisables faits ici

While the health professionals there is a serious lack of personal protective equipment, a quebec-based company is working to make masks, washable fabric which could be reused up to 50 times.

“We are in the process of the test, and if it works, we will be able to get out a good amount,” says the Journal, Jeffrey Ayoub, president of the Group Calko, based in Montreal.

Given the urgency of the situation, the company operating in the specialty apparel and medical bandages has launched the production of masks last week.

The fabric mask-reusable.

Capacity of 80 000 per week

“We have the capacity to produce 80 000 per week, but it is theoretical because there is a lack of raw materials,” says Mr. Ayoub. It is also necessary to build the production lines. It takes some time. But once on, 80 000 per week, it will not be a problem. “

Calko employs sixty people at its factory in the Montreal area and plans to expand its workforce to meet the demand.

Moreover, enterprises of textile established in the Beauce region have already contacted Calko to offer their collaboration.

Calko is also able to provide disposable masks made in Asia and in the Caribbean.

The federal government has indicated to Calko, that he heard him order gowns and masks for protection. It is also committed to purchase “tens of millions of masks” surgical and N95 to Medicom, another quebec-based company.

Bombardier thinks

Ottawa has also initiated talks with Bombardier.

“We look at our manufacturing capabilities in Canada, as well as our supply chain, to contribute to the production of medical devices and personal protective equipment, either directly or in partnership,” says Jessica McDonald, a spokesman for the multinational.

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