Masks sent to China: prime minister Justin Trudeau defends

Masques envoyés en Chine: le premier ministre Justin Trudeau se défend

OTTAWA-Justin Trudeau has had to defend herself in Thursday to have sent in China last month, 16 tons of masks and other medical equipment, a decision slammed by the conservatives.

It is the Globe and Mail has reported that the federal government has sent to China 16 tonnes of protective equipment, including clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves” in China, in a collaborative effort to combat the COVID-19.

When asked about this shipment at its point of release the daily, the prime minister has indicated that it is a “global pandemic, [which] requires a global response”.

“Canada understands that to help others, it is a way to help too, he explained. But I can reassure Canadians that it has always been able to meet the needs of the provinces in relation to the equipment. And in the days to come, we will receive a million items more to be able to meet all needs.”

In the products that Canada has sent to China, there were 50 118 visors, 1101 masks, 1820 pairs of glasses, 36 425 combinations of medical, 200 000 nitrile gloves and 3000 decks, from the stocks of the canadian Red Cross and government of Canada.

At this time, the minister of international Development, Karina Gould, had stated by way of a press release that the “use of personal protective equipment are essential to prevent and limit the spread of the virus”.

However, beginning in the month of January, the world health Organization (WHO) has already warned the country to prepare for a pandemic.

The conservative Party of Canada, we do not explain this decision of the Trudeau government. “The news that we learned today is outrageous,” said chef Andrew Scheer.

“No health care worker first line should not be exposed to risk because of the lack of personal protective equipment’, he added, in a press release published Thursday.