Masks: they will be part of our lives

Masques: ils feront partie de nos vies

This is not an easy choice. Quebecers vote in a poll that was Lightweight, but make your own opinion by reading the point of view of the experts interviewed while our columnists take a position. Should this be done at the déconfinement the regions of Quebec by imposing the mask on ? Countries require the mask, others are not. The entrepreneurs here in produce of all kinds, and some of the modes start to appear. We see more and more in the street, at the grocery store, such as in public transport.


Mask craft

Usually made of fabric, it has not been subjected to any test. It is used primarily to avoid transmitting the virus to others by the projection of saliva droplets.

Mask procedures

Spill-resistant, it helps protect against splashes, droplets and saliva. However, it does not filter small airborne particles and is not adjusted in the face.

Mask N95

Designed to filter particles when you breathe. This is the reason for which the nursing staff of patients with the COVID-19 must be used. It is made to fit the shape of the face.

Wearing a mask is imposed in several countries

After having refused for several weeks, Quebec has changed its stance and now recommends wearing a mask in public places. The public health Directorate of Quebec do so too, in several countries, which make it a suggestion, or even an obligation. Some governments impose the same fines on the recalcitrant. Here is an overview of the use of masks in twenty different countries.

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The government may require the mandatory wearing

 The provincial government would have the power to force people in Quebec to wear the mask, but will not do so in order not to be accused of interfering with the rights of citizens, considers to be a lawyer.

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The homemade masks are to be put forward


Experts believe that the wearing of the mask artisan will be able to accelerate the déconfinement of Quebec as long as they comply with the other measures, such as social distancing and hand washing.

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Quebecers ready to wear


Even if they believe for the most that the mask could not protect them from disease coronavirus, 7 Quebec 10 are willing to wear one when they leave their homes.

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A practice that divides the people


It is mandatory or simply encouraged, wearing a mask divides Quebecers. The Journalist andthe has therefore asked the citizens of Montreal, its South Shore and Quebec city, as part of a vox pop, why they have decided to wear it or not. Here is what they answered us.

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Two days to endure these masks


As the strongly recommends that the Dr Horacio Arruda, I have procured a mask for my outings essential of the month, convinced that the bear would not be as unpleasant as I imagined. Observation after one day : it will take me time to adapt !

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Examples to tinker yourself


Several options easy to make yourself exist to cover you face with your own creation. These alternatives will let the masks of the procedures and the famous N95 to health professionals who are most at risk.

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Masks craft peeled


All masks craft are not equal, and little is known on the tissues that provide improved retention of microparticles that could carry the virus and threaten to infect you. However, there is already some consensus, according to experts consulted by The Newspaper.

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Caution with the models purchased online


Specialists and the ministry of Health is launching a call for caution on the purchase of masks online or on classifieds sites.

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The big chains were not ready


Look for a mask non-surgical, in these times, it is a bit like playing ” Where is Charlie ? “.

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The manufacturers do not provide


Quebecers have not waited for the recommendations of the public health to convert to wearing a mask, even artisan, to a point where seamstresses work 18 hours daily, seven days a week, for four weeks, without being able to respond to the request.

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Even Jean Airoldi launches


Columnist and fashion designer Jean Airoldi starts to turn in the production of masks for non-medical.

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The stars wear the mask


In recent weeks, the mask of protection against the COVID-19 became a sort of symbol of the pandemic. While in Asia it is more common to wear it, and this, well before the crisis, current health, it is needed today everywhere in the world. When the government provides a more flexible containment measures, the wearing of the mask will be encouraged, and therefore more popular to protect themselves and others from the virus to the outside of his house.

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