Massive flooding in Eastern Australia is becoming bigger

Monsoon rains in Queensland for more than a week and, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, will last a few days.

Найсильніша повінь на сході Австралії стає все масштабнішою

Massive flooding in the Eastern Australian state of Queensland becomes more widespread. Meteorological service of Australia predicts heavy rains in the region, informs Rus.Media.

Part of Queensland residents were evacuated after days of monsoon rains near the coastal city of Townsville in the North of the state. Meteorologists say that, although it usually rains in the region continued for several days, the situation now anomalous – and it rains more than a week and will continue for several more days.

Today in Townsville is expected 150-200 mm. Is equal to average monthly rainfall.

The local government announced a number of alerts about the floods on Saturday morning. Residents advised to avoid travel on roads and can move to higher terrain if the weather conditions deteriorate.

In North Queensland located significant deposits of zinc, silver, lead, copper and iron ore. Townsville is an important center for metal recycling.