Matane: the economic recovery plan unveiled

Matane: le plan de relance économique dévoilé

MATANE | The municipality of Matane unveiled Tuesday its economic stimulus plan in connection with the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The attractiveness of the city, the hiring of labour, the creation of jobs as well as the support of entrepreneurs will be put forward in order to revive the economy matanaise.

The continued economic vitality will be the major challenge for the city, which wishes to improve its image and increase its population. Tourism, the retail trade and the manufacturing industry are some of the major challenges for the economic recovery of the sector. The city wants to revive the industry the recreation and tourism sector and capitalize on its tourist attractions.

The companies are also in urgent need of manpower to support their activities. The recruitment and prospecting to the international will therefore be put forward. In this sense, an enhancement to the service of the SANAM will be conducted to support the immigration.

In order to fuel the creation of jobs, an incubator project in circular economy will be put in place to attract innovative companies. Six organizations have expressed interest so far.

“The demographics, attract the workforce, attract families, for us it is important. We managed last year to increase a little the population of Matane, which had not been seen for several years. We want to continue in this direction, we are going to have a whole team. It is also see how we can further diversify our economy on projects more green,” explains the mayor Jérôme Landry.

“We chose really job-creating projects, innovative, that contribute to the radiation of the region. It even has an environmental project which is the protected area of the Chic-Chocs. We are quite proud of what we produced,” says the member for Matane-Matapédia, Pascal Bérubé.

The city wishes to rely on a more green economy. The development of renewable energy, wind turbines and energy storage, hydrogen will be at the heart of the projects of ecological transition and energy used in the recovery plan.

Infrastructure projects major

In the recovery plan, three folders of infrastructure projects will be carried out in priority. First, the beginning of construction of the aquatic complex, a project of $ 17 million which may be carried out as soon as they will get a confirmation of the grant. Then, the reconstruction of the airport, a project of $ 7.5 million, which will require an additional subsidy because of the magnitude of the work. And finally, the upgrade of the facilities of the sea port, for which six private sector projects are in progress or to come.

For the summer, the terraces are officially ready to receive visitors on the avenue Saint-Jérôme, where the majority of shops and restaurateurs of the region. To encourage more local consumption will be a priority in order to revive and sustain the economy in the area.

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