Matches on neutral ground: the NHL will have to sit down with the players Association

Matchs en terrain neutre: la LNH devra s’asseoir avec l’Association des joueurs

If the idea of games of the national hockey League (NHL) on neutral ground is well and truly part of the scenarios envisaged to complement the season and the playoffs, no discussion to this effect has not yet taken place with the players Association.

The general director of the players Association Donald Fehr has made this revelation on Saturday at the network, ESPN, recalling that the leaders of the NHL have launched a few poles, whether in North Dakota or New Hampshire.

“If we are going to play there in a closed circuit, is what it is for a period of two months, during the entire series, far away from our families, away from our children? There are a lot of factors that should not be overlooked, for its part, had claimed the player of Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron earlier this week, during an interview with the issuance JiC, on TVA Sports. You want to find a way to end the series, but it must also have meaning.”

“Apart from the general understanding that they look at all the possibilities, which includes sites that are neutral, we have not yet had these discussions,” assured Fehr, speaking of the leaders of the NHL.

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